Wildfire Trilogy Oil 3-pack

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Wildfire Trilogy Oil 3-pack
Trilogy Collection offers amazing value with a 3 pack containing one of each Wildfire Essential Oil, bringing together the world's most sensual and exotic essential oils to help you create a truly special moment in time. Contains: 1 Tempt 10ml 1 Tease 10ml 1 Tantalize 10ml To compliment these products we have also created a stunning deep black oil-burning CHALICE. Get yours now and start setting bedrooms all around Australia into overdrive. TEMPT mixes delicate bergamot, earthy patchouli and elegant rosewood to create an intense fragrance that really will tempt you and your partner to try new things and explore each other like never before. TEASE blends pure lavender, floral textures of ylang ylang and sweet rose geranium that will inspire exploration and excitement. TANTALIZE combines the sweet fragrance of ylang ylang with the woody & exotic tones of sandalwood to create an intense sensual fragrance.

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Manufacturer Wildfire International

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